Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.S)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.S)

What are the operating hours for the Market?

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM – 4PM

Flea Market Hours: Saturday 9AM – 4PM / Sunday 5:30AM – 4PM. Closing times vary seasonally between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The market gates close at night, at 8 pm. All vendors and vehicles will be removed prior to closing. Vendors should have a large trash bag(s) in their space(s) at all times and leave their space clean.

Lakeland Mi Pueblo Flea Market is open all the year.

What is it allowed to sell?

Anything that does not violate county, state or federal laws. The market does not allow the sale of food or drink products without a permission permit from Mi Pueblo.

Is the rent refundable?

No. Once you pay the rent, it is not refundable.

Do you rent table or chairs?

Yes, $6 per table and $3 per chair, per day.

How many vendors do you have?

Approximately 600 vendors.

What can I expect to find at the market?

Fresh fruits and vegetables, clothing, jewelry, accessories, tools, furniture, toys, bouncing games and of course, food! Furthermore, every Sunday we have live music and a bar.

In case of bad weather, is the market still open?

Yes, but bad weather can affect the number of vendors that come. When very extreme weather is anticipated, the market may close, but it’s rare.

How do I get to Lakeland Mi Pueblo Flea Market? If I am…

Coming from Tampa/Orlando: Lakeland Mi Pueblo Flea Market is located outside of Exit 28 on I4.

Coming from Auburndale/Winter Haven: Lakeland Mi Pueblo Flea Market is located on US-92, also known as West Memorial Blv, going towards I4.

Coming from Bartow: Follow the US-98-Bartow Rd to US-92, also known as West Memorial Blv, going towards I4.

Here is a list of how much time it would take you to arrive to Mi Pueblo:

Orlando – 1h 10 min

Brandon – 36 min

Tampa – 40 min

Winter Haven – 34 min

Auburndale – 25 min

Sarasota – 1h 14 min

Whimauma – 52 min

Ocala – 1 h 40 min

Webster – 48 min

Zephyrhills – 28 min

Brooksville – 1 h 8 min

Clearwater – 1 h 15 min

Fort Myers – 2 h 23 min

Gainesville – 2 h 7 min

Jacksonville – 3 h 18 min

Can I bring pets?

Yes. Lakeland Mi Pueblo Flea Market is pet friendly.